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ALTO Going Global: Complexity and Perspective through Drama Sept 19, 2019 is a Course

ALTO Going Global: Complexity and Perspective through Drama Sept 19, 2019

Ended Sep 20, 2019

Full course description

With artist Mary Hall Surface

Date and Time
September 19, 2019, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Santa Fe Opera, Stieren Hall at the Santa Fe Opera

For teachers grades 7-12.

Heavy snacks and coffee provided.

The ability to recognize multiple perspectives around issues of global significance is an essential skill in our ever-increasingly interconnected world. How can we encourage students to explore the perspectives of people whose beliefs, values, and experiences are likely very different from their own? As importantly, how can we help students articulate their own world-views and to understand how they were formed? This workshop invites participants to recognize multiple perspectives through a process that integrates social studies, journalism, and drama. Stories of real people at the center of global human development issues such as education, health care, and gender equality will spark the workshops’ investigation. After first interactively uncovering their own perspectives on these issues, participants will try on-- with their voices, bodies, and imaginations— the feelings and circumstances of the real stories’ characters through a series of drama-based activities. Working collaboratively, participants will deepen their understanding of the source images and texts by taking an empathetic journey into the lives of others. Experience how self-understanding and empathy are essential building blocks of global competence, both for our students and for us.