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Academy Love of Learning Summer Institute 2019 is a Course

Academy Love of Learning Summer Institute 2019

Ended May 31, 2019


Full course description

Participants must register at the Academy for the Love of Learning website, please visit the page below to register and read full details on the course. There is a registration cost of $75. After you register here, you must follow this link to also register at the Academy for the Love of Learning's website.

Summer Institute for Educators
Learning Ourselves Forward

We are clearly living in challenging times -- for ourselves, our families, our local communities, our institutions, our society as a whole and our planet. Rapid social and environmental change, information overload, time urgency, polarization and all the unknowns as we consider the future, contribute to a widespread experience of uncertainty and stress in the present.  
  • The educators with whom we work in our Academy programs talk about the challenges they face daily in their classrooms and in their institutions as they strive to find balance and keep their own creative energy alive. 

    This Summer Institute has two primary intentions:

    • To provide educators with the opportunity to slow down and deeply reflect on the impact of this last year, to identify and explore what new understandings may be emerging from their experience and to consider how this informs their next steps
    •  To delve deeply into the felt experience of disorientation that is the result of living with uncertainty and change, and through experiential and didactic work to reframe and build capacity for this as an opportunity for learning ourselves forward

    The Academy for the Love of Learning seeks to awaken, enliven, nurture, and sustain the natural love of learning in people of all ages.  We hold learning to be on-going process that can be embraced as a life-long practice. A necessary aspect of learning is disorientation - the questioning of, and sometimes letting go of, beliefs and assumptions as new circumstances, information and insight emerge and are explored. Far from being only a negative state, disorientation can be embraced as an opportunity to awaken to new possibility and agency. 

    During their three days together, Summer Institute participants will be guided by Academy faculty in an experiential journey that includes time for solo reflection and renewal, peer-to-peer learning and opportunities to reconnect   with the larger natural world in which we are embedded.  When we engage deeply with and reanimate teaching and learning, we are revitalized and drawn to express more naturally our creativity, our joy, and our capacity for productive collaboration.

    Open to anyone working in an educational setting.  Whether you are an administrator, a teacher, a nurse, a counselor, an artist who teaches, or any other kind of educator, we welcome you. We find that bringing together people with different roles and from different contexts can be especially enlivening and enriching. We hope you will join us at our beautiful campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we recognize teaching and learning as profound and sacred practices.

    Multi-Day Event Details

      • o Date and Time: May 29th, 30th, 31st 9:00AM - 3:30PM
      • o Location: Academy for the Love of Learning
      • o Facilitators: Lisa Faithorn, Randy Grillo, Marianne Murray, Randle Charles 
      • o Cost: $75.00 for SFPS participants * 
      • o Stipends: Santa Fe Public School staff will be paid for 6 hours per session
      • o Participants must register at the SFPS PD site for stipends and at the Academy for the Love of Learning site for workshop payment

    *Note: Normal cost for workshop is $150.00 Because of our ongoing collaborative relationship with the Santa Fe Public School District, educators affiliated with SFPS are eligible for the discounted rate of $75.00

    * Breakfast Snacks/Coffee/Tea at 8:30 AM. Formal session begins promptly at 9:00AM. Lunch is included.

    Questions about the course and content? Contact

    Santa Fe Public School staff with questions about registering for this course should contact

    science, math, ela, reading, social studies

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